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Last, but not least, the 1st Graffitti of Londrina, made it in the years 1984/85 by maself.

It is a brazilian teenage wolf, know here as a Lôbo Guará (
Chrysocyon brachyurus). 

Guará is Tupy-Guarany language and means "dog", becouse to indians, both are the same thing, becouse they never saw a dog before.

Guarás Wolfes are a miracle of Nature, they coming from the richy heritage of the Pleistocenian Era, with no relatives canideans near them and now, it´s an endangered species on South Americans forests and fields, in Uruguay, it is now declared as "permanently extinct", the same happens on Argentina and maybe Paraguay.

I do not make so pretty well the single color matrix of it: The legs of this wolf is tall like a baseball pad, becouse he´s a kind of a mammal roadrunner but, when I was drawing and cutting and gluing it, I have no more enough room inside the heavy cartoon paper down area, so, thats becouse his "ordinary dog short legs sized" here...

In this urban art, about 35 Guará Wolves run over the Londrina city walls, all of them walking from downtown, going into the dark side of the urban scape, looking for the surroundings sub-tropical forests of Londrina, Paraná, Brasil, South America.

This ones pass by a bus point at Humaitá Street, probabily going-moving to UEL, the Universidade Estadual de Londrina open field campus, knowing here as "PEROBAL" (
means the place/area where the giant peroba´s tree grows).


The ring with 2,5kmradii  with the central axis on our iconic bus terminal station, fullfiled with 35 graffittis of Lôbos Guará. No one remains, today (2O11).

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These are the firsts graffittis ever made on Londrina Urbanscapes, some of them since the year 1985.

Till this year, the scenario was destroyed everywhere by personall griffes, a kind of "JOE WAS HERE" and simillars "MYSELF WAY" gangman boundaries style...

Signs & Cyphers to be recognized from the half habitual suspects ever but NOT to the everyday livers wich, in my concernemtns, deserves the BEST views we can achieve throughout a superb beautifull garden town, like this one.

Unnafortunnely, I found just this smal bunch of "old" images revealed on photo paper, instead the originals Kodachrome 64ASA negatives, all shooted by this massive image destruction weapon, a militar tanking, undercovering as an almost-vintage-like camera, also know as the mighty & indestructible, OH, YESSINDEED, CANON AE-1.

This whole street pannel, with this colorfull ans charmous Wood Houses, it´s an one-of-a-kind graphics, the ones that I cherish the MOST!


My city, Londrina, once, was known just as Patrimônio 3 Boccas (Three Mouths, circa 1929), wich means a place wich rivers in number of three, meets together.

Also, "boca" is used here a little, to nominate a "Water Flow" or "Fount".

The North of Paraná state in this decade, was a giant, a massive, a darkness mass of heavy and strong forestries, know as Brazilian Sub-Tropical Forest, quite similar to the worldwide known Amazonian Forest (wich foreigners nominate as "Rain Forest") but much more cold, foggy and with a fertile soil named as TERRA ROXA.

"Terra Roxa" is a misunderstanding from the "TERRA ROSSA" speaked originally by the Italians Imigrants.

"Rossa" in italian, means "RED", "VERMELHA, in portuguese.

And, "Roxa" in Portuguese,is...

...Well, it´s a kind of Deep Blueish colour, but the name works fine, at least, among us, Brazilians...

Suddenly, at the end of 1929, a young man named George Craig Smith, transpass the limits of this gigantic forestry land, with his particular caravan, a bunch of 12 mans, mules, hardwares, food, going West, under a recognizing venture from his contractor, the C.T.N.P. (acronymn for Companhia de Terras Norte do Parana).

Wich owners are the Brazil Plantations Co., a Brittish enterprise on South America with the very Prince of Walles as a main stockholder.

Then, one of this caravan man, that one with Optics, Rulers and Compass, Mr. Razgullaeff, says, in one pretty calm and sunny afternoon, between the giant green shades:


This group chopped a hole of light inside the forest and built the first "houses" inside the heart of darkness, wich soon, after the private railroad (formerly de E.F.S.P.P, the Sao Paulo-Paraná Railroad) comes across the Tibagi River, will be much more knowed as LONDRINA (means "relative to London");

After the primer Jussara Tree sheds and huts homes, skillfulled carpenters, most of them Portugueses borned, starts to built real wood "houses", with the strong and everywhere Peroba Tree, a kind of "little" Sequoia, so hard and strong, than thousand of them was used to inlay railroad beds as sleepers and also as a main proppelers from military planes, to be used on World War at Europe Scenario efforts, soon.

Pasting precisely 80 years, 40% of this charming family houses, still resists and I decided to homage them all, with his shinny and a kind of fuzzy original colors above.

This graffitti is the main city buses everywhere, with the subtil difference on his lateral view, GREEN for urban and BLUE from the suburbs ones.

Well, "suburbs" here in Brazil, are NOT like U.S. ones...

Here means just "Next Door Small County", also a satelitte settlement, a kind of Dorms Cities.

Once, this buse´s company owner, rocks it´s ticket prices to Heavens.

Than, some VERY angry students (now, just historical)
starts riots, even ending with some buses pretty enlighted, by a Heavy Metal Bonfire, made it by steel, motors, engines, upholstery, plastics, diesel and, of course, the fire itself, a rare and fearfull vision, under the gently stars of late night in the Brazilian Summer...

Above, I had falled in love with this so nice urban structure, since I put my feet on the Terra Vermelha settlements, in the year 1983.

Imeediatly, I took some shots on it, the "skin" it is made it with small squared enamelled ceramics, with the soft, almost "baby-colors" as seeing on the left view.

The right ones, it is under shadows of the night with powerfull white beans from sub-tropical moonlight.

Down the water tower, you can see the everyday runners, along the covered pedestrian lanes in our linear "besides water" park, know here as "FUNDOS-DE-VALE" (downhill, with the absent of a better translation here...).

Like the vintage Art Déco water tower of Londrina top-of-the-hill area, this iconic trio of twinned buildings also have the soft colors with the same kind of enamelled ceramics.

Did you notice the Everywhere Runners down on it, again ?

And have also a URBAN FISHERMAN!

Yes, is the hatted red ones, at right down, sitted near the Igapó Lake Shore... ;)

This awesome red bricked construction at left, (named as an "architecture", will be a kind of crime with the language...) is our Metropolitan Church (cathedral).

Wich Descriptive Memorial made it by a Civil Engineer (wich cans back to build Rails, Harbors and Highways, but NOT buildings wich people can see his facades...) says "inspired by the first tents and huts, from our land entrepreneurs".

That´s right, pretty analogy, but...

Thats sheds lasts weeks, not centuries...

By the way, the strong majority of architects here, agree with me:

This bulding seems an agribusiness statement, wich only lack of identication, will be the existence of neon lights on his bell tower at left...

An enlighted NOVARTIS, PURINA, BASF or something like that...

At least, the JULIO FUGANTI building, is the answer to Londrina faith:

A modern city, with modern architecture windows display.

Notice the uses of entire piece of land here, with the two facades separetad by a concave 12 floors white enamelled ceramics shell.

I LOVE this building!

Even when some old people here, tells me about a suicidal man, jumping out from it´s roof, about the Seventies.

This icon are the arcades from our formerly Bus Station, now, working as an Art Museum.

It was designed by the famous brazilian architect Vilanova Artigas.

Hope you enjoy this series!
I SWARE: I will found the others negatives films of mine, inside a gigantic casings with 50 or 60 original graffittis, the first ones wich can be sought in Londrina Urbanscape, between the beginnings of year 1985 till the half middle of year 1990.
Still having found, watta I´m looking for... ;)


domingo, 19 de abril de 2009



Mr. Arthur arrives on a pretty fine Saturday evening on Londrina streets, more precisely, at the entire black east facade walls from Guilherme Torres Von Goederth architect office, wich hosts the artist, bringing him from São Paulo.

UH!, AND THE PARTY! Oh, yeah! Mr. Arthur GRAFFITTI True Love staff man, is NOT only a full-hand spray "DA MEN", but also works as a Techno DJ and, believe me or not, ONLY VINYL, little just-borned babes of the urbans, runs soOoo smooOothly on his NASA-like pick-ups...

We make that sooOOOoo funny little "kidding test" with that, let´s say, Sacred DJ Mantra, wich consist into DO NOT ORDER NO KIND OF MUSES TO EVERY DEEJAY ABOVE THE PLANET EARTH and, YES, he´s passing fine on our test... ;)

The year was 1988. The place, huge art tables inside the Educação Artística classrooms from UEL, the Universidade Estadual de Londrina. The hapenning, Grafitti Classes. Yup. Maself as a (let´s say...) Teacher... One of my pupils, oh, yessindeed, the young light-yellowed (or something like that...) tinted hair, Guilherme Torres Von Goederth, wich becomes soon an architect and decorator and, today, he is the patronnesse of this public happenings.

Invited by the architect, Mr. Arthur comes to Londrina as a True Love Studios staff member (do not losts in its translation: It haves the same name coming from the england art studio runs by award winning artist with 20 yrs of experience, Mr. Mandie Barber)
with his beautyfull wife, Ms. Maria Fernanda, also an Old School tatoo artist.

Ma. Fernanda roughs a tatoo. Notices the neck lace.

Mr. Arthur with Montana MTN Red Marker on the lights.

Mr. Arthur Purple´s M Sized Airport´s Bag

Mr. Arthur arrives pulling an airport purple "M" sized bag full of surprises, like the new ALLIEN spray cans, the ON THE RUN and the MTN MARKER, from the Barcelona´s MONTANA factory.

The Brand Nu Graffittis Syndrome Attacks !!!

This nice photo shows the Graffittis Syndrome, wich the artists developes at his rite indicator finger: Huge amount of extra meat, involving his thumb, causing by thousand of millions spray cans pushing buttons. KHOOOL!

This barcelonian stuff, wich pushing bottons smooth action results in creespy boarders, instead the degradée from nitrocelulosics car paints made it by the coast-to-cost-hated COLORGIN brasilian cans, can be founded at São Paulo on Grandes Galerias tribals stores.

Gals, Gays, Dogs, Mans, Womans, Waiters, TV staffs and some curious passing by people (and even the every afternoon runners!), spent all this bright and superb sunny Saturday Autumn Evening on 23 degrees paralel, with the postal-card like Igapó Lake surroundigns vista of Londrina, looking for the gracious step-by-step outside Graffitti "Old School" Style art panel works, meanwhile Maria Fernanda herself is preparing a fresh skin of a third persons, ready (or something like dat...) to put some colorfull inks, inside it.
The Dag!
Did U notice the soOo nice COUPLE OF WAITERS, at rite?

Local Cable TV staff wrkng out w/ Igapó Lake on frgrnd

3 Little gals lstening 2 a little tekno sound nearDJ sets

Loepoldo Karan LightMan w/ Mighty Paula, Le Balzac!
Interviewer Paula Medeiros holds old-school wired mic.

CHEEAZZE! Living on the lookin glass (main living door F-X)

The art pannel finally ends, with aproppriatte Mr. Arthur´s griffe in it, right bottom cornered at late nite, just minutes after the Bruno battery´s car will empty off, becouse he was helping Mr. Arthur with some extra light on the dark facade, thanks to the handy twin Sealed-Beans, as soon as the batteries of my own cam, a nice Panasonic´s LUMIX DMC-LZ8, optically mounted with superb limpid five Leica Vario-Elmar Aespherical glass lens on-board and the MUST-HAVE Venus Engine IV working inside it, all of them designed to improvements to share a lot of tekkies among the semi-pro Light´s Writers.
I introduce to U, Mr. Bruno, Lawyer & Hobby Videomaker

Mr. Arthur smiles, w/h reflect off the wall deep red on face.

Finnished the night, some party animals, after dozen of champagne flutes and Skol beer on crystal glass garrafes, goes to a fancy night club here named as EMPÓRIO GUIMARÃES, wich I am the proudly (OK,you WIN: the Superb, the Master, the Man, the Mighty, the Unspeakable and Imorthal) author, of his vintage hand-made (with the helps of a legendary Meisterstück 149 piston fountain pen sketches, a noble gift from my fiancée) logotype.
Who Framed Mr. Arthur Tattoist/Dj/Man in Londrina?

And, what stays here in Londrina arborized sidewalks and what Mr. Arthur brings with him, back to Tatuapé, São Paulo, among his nice work fellas at the TRUE LOVE TATOO STUDIO?
Well, he´s leaves to us, Pés Vermelhos, this so nice urban pannel first, a remarkable nigt with vinil records second and, like a souvenir, I take out his own camera from his fully collored painted hands, to shots hundreds of self-confident photos around & around & around...
Dozen of spray Alien cans waits its worktime at da sidewalk.

I wish U r-e-a-l-l-y will like all the images on the SD card, NO SOFT PORN inside it, sorry, just very well thinked and nice photos framed from your own happenning, made it by me.
Maself, w/ Alien Can. This is pretty irresistible, indeed.

Strange, solely, quasi smilling beautyfull brazilian gal.


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