sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2009


Last, but not least, the 1st Graffitti of Londrina, made it in the years 1984/85 by maself.

It is a brazilian teenage wolf, know here as a Lôbo Guará (
Chrysocyon brachyurus). 

Guará is Tupy-Guarany language and means "dog", becouse to indians, both are the same thing, becouse they never saw a dog before.

Guarás Wolfes are a miracle of Nature, they coming from the richy heritage of the Pleistocenian Era, with no relatives canideans near them and now, it´s an endangered species on South Americans forests and fields, in Uruguay, it is now declared as "permanently extinct", the same happens on Argentina and maybe Paraguay.

I do not make so pretty well the single color matrix of it: The legs of this wolf is tall like a baseball pad, becouse he´s a kind of a mammal roadrunner but, when I was drawing and cutting and gluing it, I have no more enough room inside the heavy cartoon paper down area, so, thats becouse his "ordinary dog short legs sized" here...

In this urban art, about 35 Guará Wolves run over the Londrina city walls, all of them walking from downtown, going into the dark side of the urban scape, looking for the surroundings sub-tropical forests of Londrina, Paraná, Brasil, South America.

This ones pass by a bus point at Humaitá Street, probabily going-moving to UEL, the Universidade Estadual de Londrina open field campus, knowing here as "PEROBAL" (
means the place/area where the giant peroba´s tree grows).


The ring with 2,5kmradii  with the central axis on our iconic bus terminal station, fullfiled with 35 graffittis of Lôbos Guará. No one remains, today (2O11).

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  1. Muito bakana sua postagem, acho msm importante divulgar os primordios da arte...